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Deepak Chopra Announces Chopra Integrative Medicine Center Telehealth Platform in Collaboration with BlueJeans by Verizon and CareSpan Digital Healthcare to Enable Peak Living

LAKE NONA, Fla., July 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Deepak Chopra, M.D., Pioneer of Integrative Medicine, and Founder of The Chopra Foundation and Chopra Global, today announced the Chopra Integrative Medicine Center Telehealth platform, a curated network of leading integrative medicine healthcare professionals. The platform will provide access to leading treatment protocols to address the whole body, with the goal to enable everyone to achieve their health goals and enable peak living.

The goal of the telehealth platform is to enable a nationwide network of approved integrative medicine practitioners and hybrid local clinics for high touch patient services. The platform will enable industry leading continuous lifestyle monitoring and care services to ensure contextual interventions and care services can be provided in near real-time.

Deepak Chopra, MD, founder of the Chopra Integrative Medicine Center, said, “With the Integrative Telemedicine Network and practice, we aim to provide the highest-level credentialed doctors globally for Integrative mind body practices and a platform of medical advice that is personalized, predictable, precise, participatory and process oriented. Consultations will be in all areas for both prevention and treatment and in all medical specialties.”

Integrated with CareSpan’s Digital Care platform for patient care, the Chopra Integrative Medicine Center Telehealth platform will leverage Verizon’s BlueJeans Telehealth solution to initiate patient visits and help ensure seamless data-driven virtual care conversations.

Announced this spring, BlueJeans Telehealth is a HIPAA-ready, purpose-built video conferencing solution for healthcare providers that streamlines the telemedicine experience to help improve patient care. By simplifying the virtual join and visit procedures, BlueJeans Telehealth is able to help facilitate greater access to care, provide more flexibility for providers and patients, improve safety and extend the reach of services available.

“With BlueJeans Telehealth, our goal is to change the conversation around what patient care should look like,” said Eric Spadafora, VP and GM, BlueJeans by Verizon. “By tapping into our strength in video interoperability and meeting simplicity, the Chopra Integrative Medicine Center will be able to facilitate a new era of patient-centric care. We’re proud to be a part of this initiative and provide a platform for the best minds in integrative medicine to come together and determine the best treatment options for patients moving forward.”

CareSpan, provides the integrated digital care platform with a HIPAA- and ONC-compliant solution designed to meet the rapidly evolving needs of independent practices by combining in-person and virtual care delivery, electronic medical records (EMR), remote patient monitoring (RPM), patient engagement, and practice management capabilities. Rembert de Villa, Vice-Chairman and CEO of CareSpan Health says, “We are honored to be part of this important initiative of The Chopra Integrative Medicine Center. CareSpan’s digital care platform was designed and developed with the integration of physical and mental health in mind, and we are excited to play a role in support of the Center’s vision.”

Ara Suppiah, MD, leading the peak living program on the platform said, “The Chopra Integrative Medicine Telehealth Platform lives in the intersection of Allopathic, Alternative and Lifestyle medicine. World-renowned experts across various specializations will collaborate to provide personalized care. Leveraging state of the art technology we provide real-time interventions, contextual service and high touch care. This is peak living. This sets us apart.”

Poonacha Machaiah, CEO of The Chopra Foundation, said, “The Chopra foundation will bring best in class evidence-based approaches to the care team. Chopra Foundation researchers and integrative medicine professionals will study and improve practices through comprehensive lifestyle analytics and provides insights to personalize and optimize wellbeing.”

The Chopra Integrative Medicine Center Telehealth platform is currently being trialed and officially available for public release in November 2021. The first Chopra Integrative Medicine Center will be launched at Lake Nona (Orlando, Florida).

About Chopra Integrative Medicine Center
The Chopra Integrative Medicine Center of Excellence founded by Deepak Chopra, MD leverages the best in evidence-based practices to enhance conventional, alternative, and lifestyle medicine patient care. The center is designed to treat patients with all types of health conditions with a special focus on preventive health and peak living. For further information please visit:

About BlueJeans by Verizon
BlueJeans by Verizon offers a HIPAA-ready, mobile-friendly telehealth platform that is secure and easy to use for clinicians and patients. Thousands of telehealth encounters are conducted by providers every day on BlueJeans, extending the reach of care and helping to drive better patient outcomes. For more information, visit

About CareSpan
CareSpan via its integrated digital Clinic in the Cloud offering has dedicated to the future of integrated digital care, using sophisticated digital diagnostic and clinical decision support tools in collaboration with primary, specialty and mental health providers to drive better outcomes with a patient-centered approach. For further information please visit:

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