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American-APN and CareSpan® Launch the First Integrated Digital Care Network Focused on Primary Care for the Underserved

NEW YORK (PRWEB) July 01, 2019 – American Advanced Practice Network, a multi-state, nation-wide network for independent Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs), and CareSpan® Integrated Networks, Inc., a business management services company for healthcare practices that includes a leading-edge, cloud-based digital care platform (the “CareSpan® Clinic”) are partnering to deliver care to the underserved and those with chronic illnesses throughout the United States. Using the CareSpan® Clinic for both in-person and remote primary care, APNs and NPs are able to leverage the power of continuous remote patient monitoring (RPM) coupled with clinical interventions regardless of patient location, embedded analytics, care coordination, care collaboration, patient engagement, and dynamic documentation, to provide better patient outcomes.


Recent legislation allowing full-practice authority in 23 states has opened the door for NPs and APNs to deliver care to tens-of-millions of people in Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs). As a CareSpan® Integrated Networks partner, American-APN and its nurse-clinicians can reach the most remote patients with consistent, quality care that includes care collaboration with specialists, diagnostic capabilities regardless of distance and continuity of care for patients with chronic conditions. “Our nurse practitioners are excited to use the CareSpan® clinic-in-the cloud in patient care. The RPM process, for example, triggers clinical alerts when readings exceed pre-set parameters, allowing timely clinical intervention to prevent crises and avoid the exacerbation of disease conditions,” according to Kate Fiandt PhD, FAANP, FAAN, the CEO of American-APN. “There is a huge demand among Nurse Practitioners to be independent and to practice at the top of their license, while providing care to the underserved,” added JoEllen Koerner, CareSpan® Chief Nursing Officer and American-APN Board Member.


“We are proud to support American-APN as it tackles the large, unmet need for primary care in the U.S. Seventy-million Americans live in primary care shortage areas across the country,” says Rembert de Villa, CEO CareSpan®. “The CareSpan® Clinic platform brings the right information at the right time to providers and patients, integrated in one robust workflow – for both in-person and remote care. CareSpan® delivers world-class technology and business services to independent nurse practitioners so they can focus on delivering quality care.”


Dr. Terry Knapp, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of CareSpan® says, “Our vision is for the CareSpan® Clinic to enable healthcare delivery to scale globally. By integrating care digitally at many levels—technologically, collaboratively, and in terms of patient participation—the CareSpan® Clinic establishes a common platform to allow the concept of P4 Medicine to become a reality. That is, enabling clinicians to predict individual medical eventualities, prevent adversities that are predicted, personalize treatment strategies, and encourage individual participation in one’s care.” https://dev.carespanhealth.com/about/reference/


Stay connected with American-APN and CareSpan® for additional releases on the future of integrated, digital care.



About American Advanced Practice Network 

American-APN is the first professional ‘group practice without walls’ that brings highly-qualified nurse practitioners to those in need of health care under a collaborative care system that uses cutting edge digital technologies. American-APN was created for and by APNs. It is owned and operated exclusively by its nurse practitioner membership with its own executive leadership and Board of Directors. Members of the network have nation-wide, trusted peer cross-coverage for patients in member’s absence. For further information please visit: https://www.americanapn.com.

About CareSpan® Integrated Networks 
CareSpan® Integrated Networks (CSIN) is a subsidiary of CareSpan® Holdings, Inc. CSIN has created a business support infrastructure for its professional network partners and is the first to deploy a comprehensive, integrated digital healthcare “Clinic-in-the-Cloud” creating unfettered access to care for the underserved and with an emphasis on the care of chronic illness. CSIN integrates technology for remote monitoring, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment, care collaboration and coordination, and analytics, while creating high levels of patient engagement. CareSpan® is dedicated to the future of integrated digital care, using sophisticated digital diagnostic and clinical decision support tools in collaboration with primary, specialty and mental health providers to drive better outcomes with a patient-centered approach. For further information please visit: https://dev.carespanhealth.com.

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