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American Advanced Practice Network and the CM&F Group Collaborate

American Advanced Practice Network (American-APN) join forces with CM&F Group, Inc. (CM&F) to help Nurse Practitioners improve their practices.

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American-APN aims to enable Nurse Practitioners to succeed in independent practice. Working with CareSpan® Integrated Networks (CSIN), American-APN supports its member Nurse Practitioners with next-generation technology and business services that enable them to manage their practices better. CM&F ensures that NPs are covered by affordable best-in-class professional insurance products.

The collaboration aims to boost a Nurse Practitioner’s overall ability to establish, operate and sustain an effective and e¨cient independent clinical practice. The collaboration offers American-APN’s integrated digital healthcare platform, CareSpan®, to enable NPs to succeed in the new world of virtual care. American-APN also offers NPs the unifying network and clinical guidance for the practice of primary, specialty and acute care. CM&F is a long-standing leader in providing peace of mind with insurance products that are reliable, affordable and comprehensive with Malpractice and Cyber Liability coverage options.

“Our NP-centric network, integrated digital care platform and business services afford CM&F practitioners to move into the integrated digital care arena quickly and professionally. CareSpan® is the ¦rst cloud-based clinic that offers NPs a complete and secure clinic-in-the-cloud that allows health care delivery consistent with the standards of an in-person exam. American-APN offers business services support (such as revenue cycle management, credentialing, contract negotiation) so that NPs can focus on treating patients,” explains Melissa Magstadt, MS, MBA, APRN and President of American-APN. “CM&F understands and is committed to introducing this leading-edge telehealth technology to its clients,” Magstadt continued.

“We expect American-APN, with the integrated CareSpan® digital healthcare platform, to add significant value for our NP clients. It is a technology platform built for NPs by NPs, and that is going to go a long way for Nurse Practitioners opening their own business for the first time or deciding to diversify strategically with telehealth in their clinical offerings. They just get it” said William G. F. Sullivan, Executive Vice President, CM&F. Sullivan offers, “CM&F is pleased to host a Webinar delivered by American-APN’s members, Melissa Magstadt and Lorraine Bock, on dates in July and August. American-APN will present an in-depth continuing education hour on Integrated Digital Healthcare.”

To sign up and select a date for the CM&F hosted webinar go to:

About American Advanced Practice Network
American-APN is the first professional “group practice without walls” that brings highly qualified nurse practitioners to those in need of health care under a collaborative care system that uses cutting-edge digital technologies. American-APN was created for and by Advanced Practice Nurses and Nurse Practitioners. It is owned and operated exclusively by its nurse practitioner membership with its own executive leadership and Board of Directors. Members of the network enjoy extensive economic, professional and personal benefits due to the collaborative care opportunities and economies of scale that American-APN provides. For further information please visit:

About CM&F Group
CM&F Group offers professional liability insurance that protects NPs if any malpractice claims arise due to negligence accusations. NPs should be able to do their job without constant fear of litigation. CM&F provides low-cost coverage that is portable, and will go wherever you go, eliminating risk by ensuring you are always protected. Nurse Practitioner malpractice insurance through CM&F allows NPs to devote all their attention to clients, and ultimately provide patients with a better experience. CM&F invites clients to review Malpractice and Cyber Liability offerings at the American-APN Partner Page here:

About CareSpan® Integrated Networks
CareSpan® Integrated Networks (CSIN) is a subsidiary of CareSpan® Holdings, Inc. CSIN has created a business support infrastructure for its professional network partners and is the first to deploy a comprehensive, integrated digital healthcare “Clinic-in-the-Cloud” creating unfettered access to care for the underserved and with an emphasis on the care of chronic illness. CSIN integrates technology for remote monitoring, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment, care collaboration and coordination, and analytics, while creating high levels of patient engagement. CareSpan® is dedicated to the future of integrated digital care, using sophisticated digital diagnostic and clinical decision support tools in collaboration with primary, specialty and mental health providers to drive better outcomes with a patient-centered approach. For further information please visit:

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