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CareSpan has developed a fully integrated “Clinic-in-the-Cloud” solution built around clinical workflow that enables healthcare professionals to address the primary and mental health care shortage more effectively in the United States.

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CareSpan is focused on supporting the growing Nurse Practitioner (NP) population that has been identified as the industry segment that will address the massive shortage of primary care that affects 81m Americans today.

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Solving One of Healthcare’s Biggest Challenges –Shortage of Primary Care Practitioners

  • expected shortage of primary care physicians to reach 55,000+ by 2033*
  • Unique business model empowering Nurse Practitioners (NPs) to fill this gap via a leading-edge digital-care delivery technology platform and services
    • 26 States now allow NPs to practice independently – total addressable market of approximately 180,000 NPs**

Highly Differentiated Technology Platform Built from the Ground Up

  • Unique “Clinic-in-the-Cloud” software platform integrates complete care delivery (in-person and telehealth), clinical workflow, and access to large additional revenue streams for our primary carers
    • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) – $30B growing industry & high-margin business
  • Platform is an enabling technology – fuels a new healthcare model, which is patient-centric and decentralized

Strong Customer Validation

  • As of April 15, 2022, 105 practitioners in our networks
  • Ended 2021 with 81 practitioners compared to 50 in 2020 (up 62%), and compared to 60 as of Sept. 31, 2021 (up 35%)
  • Conducted 40,600 patient visits in 2021 up from 24,600 in 2020
  • Improved Collection Rates from Insurers
  • Recently signed two contracts to conduct disability assessments for US veterans and annual medical examinations for US military reservists

High-Growth, Asset Light, Scalable Business Model

  • Exited 2021 with an annual revenue run rate of over US$8m/year
  • Onboarding 1,000 practitioners on our platform has the potential to generate over US$100m*** in revenues

An Integrated Digital Care Platform Built Around Clinical Workflow

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